Livingston County Road Commission

The Permits Office processes several types of permits. A permit is required any time you perform work within the road right-of-way (MCL 224.19). This includes permits for driveways, road approaches, utility construction, etc. Additionally, any oversize or overweight loads or vehicles require a special permit from the LCRC.  

Effective February 1, 2023, a new fee schedule will be followed.  See under “Miscellaneous” below.

Driveways and Land Splits

Use “
allpaid” to pay for the above listed permits.  A 2.95% service fee will be applied.

Checks and cash are accepted in office or by mail.

If you have questions about your payment, please call before submitting.

Transportation and Public Utility Permits

Annual transportation, single move, farm haul, utility permit and seasonal transportation utility permits are accepted on line at

When you submit a permit application, Oxcart will collect our permit fee along with a small convenience fee for the online payment. The LCRC is notified electronically when you submit a permit application and the fee is paid. As soon as we have reviewed and approve your application, a permit is automatically sent to you.

Livingston County Permit Guidebook

Most often the initial contact any resident, developer or builder has with the regulatory process occurs when a development is still an idea. At this initial stage in the decision process, specific information on permits and regulations is critical for determining whether or not to commit time and money to a development.

Information is needed in order to test the feasibility of a particular course of action.  Does the development conform to the local zoning ordinance?  What permits are required?  How long will it take to get the permits?  How much do the permits cost?

The primary objective of the Livingston County Permit Guidebook is to compile information about the regulatory processes of Livingston County governmental departments into one document that will guide anyone seeking development assistance.

Permit Guidebook