Livingston County Road Commission


The Permits Office processes several types of permits. A permit is required any time you perform work within the road right-of-way (MCL 224.19). This includes permits for driveways, road approaches, utility construction, etc. Additionally, any oversize or overweight loads or vehicles require a special permit from the LCRC.  


*Commercial Approach Permit – $200.00
*Commercial Waiver – No Charge 
Private Road Approach Permit – $200.00

*Residential Driveway Approach Application
 – $75.00
*Residential Waiver Application – No Charge 
Sight Distance Review Packet – $50.00 per approach
Temporary/Field Drive Application – $75.00
Utility Permits – see section below

Right-of-Way Permit (see fee schedule)
Permitted activities include (but are not limited to) paving/resurfacing existing residential or commercial driveway approaches, replace culverts under driveways, soil borings, connect to existing water main, monitoring wells

* These permits are required for construction of new homes or commerical buildings or for application to construct a second driveway approach on the property.

Publications & Others

Use “allpaid” to pay for permits online.  A 2.95% service fee will be applied.  
Checks and cash are accepted in office or by mail.

If you have questions about your payment, please call before submitting.

Utility Permits

Utility Permits are to be applied through by using Oxcart Permits.