Livingston County Road Commission

How is the Livingston County Road Commission Funded?

The Livingston County Road Commission is funded directly by state gas tax and vehicle registration fees – not by property taxes.           

The Livingston County Road Commission is located in a state with a gas tax below the national average and ranks in the bottom six states in per capita road funding.

The Livingston County Road Commission receives no direct revenue from growth and development and is not part of the Livingston County general government.

How do I make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request?

As a governmental agency, the Livingston County Road Commission is required to comply with the Public Act 442 of 1976, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

If you are interested in obtaining documents that fall within the requirements of the FOIA, you may submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request in writing to the Livingston County Road Commission, 3535 Grand Oaks Drive, Howell, MI 48843, Attention: FOIA Coordinator.  (FOIA Request)

Please be advised that upon receipt of a FOIA request, the Road Commission has five business days in which to respond (six business days if received via fax or email), in accordance with the Act, and the requesting party will be charged for research time and copies of any documents requested. If an extension of time is necessary in order to fulfill a FOIA request, the Road Commission will notify the requesting party in writing, at which time an additional ten business days will be permitted to the agency, in accordance with the Act.  For further questions, please email the LCRC at: FOIA Coordinator

Approved minutes from the Board meetings may be obtained on the agenda page of our website. Minutes are available following the meeting at which they are approved by the Board of County Road Commissioners. If you would like to receive archived Minutes that are not available on our website, please submit a FOIA Request, as instructed above.

Do I need a permit for a new driveway even if I do the work myself?

Yes, a permit from the Road Commission is required anytime work is performed in County road right of way. When you apply for a permit you are helping the Road Commission maintain safety for both yourself and the traveling public. Most traffic accidents occur at intersections or where vehicles are entering or leaving the roadway. The Road Commission inspects each proposed drive location to assure that adequate sight distance is available, to determine what drainage improvements might be necessary, and to review the site for other potential safety problems before a permit is issued. Although there is a charge for a residential driveway permit, there is no permit fee for most other minor work in road right of way, although we require that all contractors follow accepted traffic safety procedures and furnish adequate insurance coverage to protect both the homeowner and the public.

Where does the Road Commission get those big red trucks?

We have a crack team of maintenance technicians who assemble them here at LCRC. See the whole story and photos of the process by clicking here